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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of salsa dancing. Whether you’re looking to get fit, have fun or simply express yourself through dance, Salsa-NI the place to go.

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Our frequently asked questions?

Here are Salsa N.I, we find that many people have the same fears and questions when embarking on their first event or salsa class. Below we have included a few of the more frequent concerns of our Salseros! Of course if there is anything that the FAQs below don’t address for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

When can I start Salsa classes?

Anytime. No need to book in – just turn up!

Do I have to attend a fixed “term” of Salsa classes?

No. Do as many classes at at level until you are confident to move up to the next level.

Do I have to pay any money in advance to attend salsa-ni’s salsa classes?

Classes are pay as you go £8 per class. This means that if you miss a class no worries, just come along the following week and you only pay for the classes you attend.

I have no dance experience, will I be able to cope?

Absolutely! We will teach you from absolute salsa basics. If you are a slower learner, you can review the basics until you want to move on.

How long will it take me to learn salsa?

You should be confident within about 5 to 10 lessons at Beginner level, depending on your learning speed. Once you complete the beginners course most people move up to the improvers class.

What do I wear to a salsa class?

Dress to impress for the nightclubs and neat casual for the weekly salsa classes. Comfortable evening shoes (leather soles preferably) for men & women. Medium heels preferable for women.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Absolutely not. Experience has shown us that people generally become better dancers, faster, if they dance with lots of different partners at a salsa event– therefore it is our policy to rotate everyone around during the course of the salsa class. As well as improving your salsa dancing skills it is also a great way of meeting people.

Will I feel intimidated by the quality of salsa dancers?

Not at all. People come along by themselves and will tell you “its the best thing they have done in years.” Everyone there will be people just like you – people who want to learn to salsa dance right here in Northern Ireland and have a great time!

Will I dance with the same person all the time?

No. The class is rotated regularly so you get to dance with different people usually changing partners every 3-4 minutes, meeting new salsa friends along the way.

I have two left feet!

That’s not a problem! here at Salsa Nothern Ireland, our policy is to help you find that missing right foot!

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